Caroline Elizabeth Ramey is my name.
Deal With it. Don't you flipping dare call me Coraline. Don't sing "Sweet Caroline" in front of me. I will not talk for a long time or possibly hit you. Sorry,but that's how it is. :)
I have a Mom, a Dad, a sister named Molly. I also have a Yorkshire terrier named Willie. I swear he's immortal because he's 14 years old in human years (turning 15 November 13, born in 1999) and has survived being hit by a car, bladder cancer, and 2 surgeries. Your argument is invalid. He's been with me literally my entire life. He's the best thing that has ever happened to me. I was born July 17, 2000 at 11:52 PM at OSU Medical Center. I lived in Worthington OH for the first few months of my life, in a house that is now coincidentally really close to where my aunt, uncle, and 2 (of my 7) awesome cousins currently live. Then I moved to Pittsfield, Massachusetts, where my sister was born. Woohoo. (Don't worry I love her.)(ish). In 2004, we moved to Atlanta, Georgia and lived there till 2010. That summer, I moved back to OH. Here I am.
Christian †
13 years old.
SMS. 8th grade.
I like playing Minecraft
I <3 Harry Potter to the ends of the universe and back Infinity times. I am currently reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. That's the 5th one. My favorite books in the series are all of them. (what, you expect me to CHOOSE BETWEEN THEM????????????? THAT IS AN IMPOSSIBLE TASK AND IT WILL DRIVE ME EVEN MORE INSANE THAN I ALREADY AM. IF THAT HAPPENS, THE APOCALYPSE WILL START AND YOU WILL HAVE ONLY YOURSELF TO BLAME. OKAY? GOOD. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME). Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliff, Rupert Grint, Bonnie Wright, and Tom Felton are all epicly awesome. They are incredible actors/actresses and that is a 100% true FACT.
Fandoms: I'm a Potterhead,(Harry Potter) Tribute,(Hunger Games), Directioner (One Direction), Oncer (Once Upon a Time), and Brony (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic). If you make fun of me for being a Brony I will make fun of you for not being a Brony because being a Brony makes you 20% cooler (only Bronies will understand that term).
I love One Direction. They are awesome.
I also like Carrie Underwood, P!nk, Journey, Ed Sheeran, Maroon5, and Little Mix
I love cats.
I like acting.
Once Upon A Time is the best show EVER.
The Simpsons, Modern Family, MLP:FIM, and OUATIW are all awesome too.
I love Tumblr and Instagram and YouTube. I have an account on all 3.
I love Starbucks, The Rusty Bucket, Yabbo's, Marlow's Tavern (only available in Georgia), and Bennihana.
I LOVE macaroni and cheese. I swear it's God's favorite food.
Mexican, Italian, and Japanese food is goo too.
I like drawing whatever's on my mind, so I have really random drawings and they are constantly changing.
Forever Alone.
Purple is my favorite color if you couldn't already tell.
iFunny is awesome. So is 9GAG.
I love going to Hot Topic and Claires
I have a collection of pins
When I grow up, I'm going to work at Walt Disney World in Florida as a Princess (Either Belle, Meg, or Ariel). If that fails, I'll be an actress on TV or Broadway, or a famous author. Or maybe even a vet or an animal-shelter-worker. But I have my sights set on Disney World.
I love Subway Surfers
I plan on going to OSU
I have friends (Not naming) but they are all awesome.
I am a pessimist (someone needs to remind the optimists that they don't live in a perfect world).

So that's me.